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I just love my 3 youngsters from Ellie J x Papi!

Mean Joe Green had a fine show debut! 

Best Opp in Sweeps at the Denver Labrador Specialty, his first time out, at 6 mos old

RWD at the Albuquerque Labrador Specialty at 14 mos. 

He’s pointed and home growing up now! This pic was taken at 11 mos. 

Not to be outdone, his sister, Bearpaw’s Dancing Upstream, was Best Opp in Sweeps at the Albuquerque Labrador Specialty! 

And yellow sister Girlie, has 4 RWB, two to majors! All I have is her baby pic 🙂

The rest here is a grouping of Grammas Callie and Diana, and Siren Call 

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