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I just love my 3 youngsters from Ellie J x Papi!

Mean Joe Green had a fine show debut! 

Best Opp in Sweeps at the Denver Labrador Specialty, his first time out, at 6 mos old

RWD at the Albuquerque Labrador Specialty at 14 mos. 

He’s pointed, maturing well, and fixing to go out! These pics at 3 years. 

Not to be outdone, his sister, Bearpaw’s Dancing Upstream, was Best Opp in Sweeps at the Albuquerque Labrador Specialty! 

And yellow sister Girlie, has 4 RWB, two to majors! All I have is her baby pic 🙂

The rest here is a grouping of Grammas Callie and Diana, and Siren Call 

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