Bearpaw’s Wicked Sister, WC (Wicked)

Bearpaw’s Wicked Sister, JH, WC (Wicked)

More Pictures of Wicked

OFA Good, Elbows Normal
Optigen A
Current cerf
Heart cleared by color doppler echo

Wicked earned her JH in style!  She wowed the judges by her beautiful line manners, then shot out of a cannon for her marks–and pinned them in meaty tests.  Then delivered beautifully to hand.  What fun to run such a talented, honest girl!

Wicked had a great show season this summer! She now has 8 points, including a 4-point major!

I needed to keep 2 girls from Diana x Duke like the proverbial hole in the head!  But Wicked tweaked me as a baby, and still does.  She had a ball earning her WC, as well as the judge’s respect.

My new performance girl, she’s training obedience and the field so well!

Wicked’s Pedigree

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