Bearpaw’s Wicked Sister, WC (Wicked)

CH Bearpaw’s Wicked Sister, JH, WC (Wicked)

More Pictures of Wicked



Wickie at her party for finishing her CH  

OFA Good, Elbows Normal
Optigen A
Current cerf
Heart cleared by color doppler echo

Wicked finished her championship in style!  

WB Alb LRC, under breeder judge Molly Bogan, Oasis Labradors.  

Wicked earned her JH in style!  She wowed the judges by her beautiful line manners, then shot out of a cannon for her marks–and pinned them in meaty tests.  Then delivered beautifully to hand.  What fun to run such a talented, honest girl!

My new performance girl, she’s training obedience and the field so well!

Wicked’s Pedigree

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