Ellie J

Bearpaw’s Tiny Dancer (Ellie J)

Bearpaw’s Tiny Dancer (Ellie J) SO excited about this promising daughter of Callie x Duke!


More Pictures of Ellie J

OFA Excellent, elbows Normal
Optigen A
Current cerf
Heart cleared by color doppler echo
EIC  Clear
HNPK  Clear

2nd, BBE, GDLRC,  Mrs Gunilla Ek, (Attikonak Labradors, Sweden)
3rd, BBE, LRC Parent Club Specialty Show, Mrs. Pluis Davern
3rd, BBE, 2015 National Specialty Show, Mr. Robert J. Shreve
RWB from BBE, Heart of Texas LRC, Mrs. Judy Chambers (Ghostone Labradors)

Ellie J’s Pedigree



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