BearPaw’s Crescent Moon (Caris)
co-owned with Jody Springer

BearPaw's Crescent Moon (Caris)

BearPaw’s Crescent Moon (Caris)

OFA Excellent, Elbows normal
Optigen  A

Heart clear by color doppler echo
Current cerf
HPNK clear

Caris whelped 7 beautiful black puppies by (Ch. Arlon’s A Shady Bet At Caer Creek) on May 29th!  3 girls – 4 boys.


Caris’ puppies 5 days old


Caris’ puppies rainbow & yellow at 4 weeks

Caris Puppies Red and Pink3 at 4 weeks

Caris’ Puppies Red & Pink3 at 4 weeks









Caris’ Pedigree

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