Dogs Loved by Others

Wrigley’s Field of Dreams IX, DN, RA, BN, WC, JH

Owned, Trained, and Loved by Abigail Placke

Abbie and Wrigs make a great team!  Abbie was talked into her first competition dog by a good friend.  And the rest, as they say, is history!

Always the crowd pleaser, Wrigs is ready for anything, and Abbie has become a great trainer/handler.  Go, team!

Wrigley’s Field of Dreams     Wrigley’s Field of Dreams    Wrigley’s Field of Dreams

Bearpaw Wynd’hill’s Fade to Black

Wyndhills Fade to Black

Bearpaw Wynd’hill’s Fade to Black just earned her Senior Hunter!


Bearpaw’s Annie Two in Black, CD, RN
  (Annie X Study)

Annie 2

Owned, loved, and brilliantly trained by Pam Bishop!

Annie earned her CD this spring in style! Great job, Pam Bishop!

BearPaw Wind’Hill Fade to Black
  (Annie X Study)


Fade, 13 months

Fade Junior Hunter

Fade, Junior Hunter title

Fade is owned by Mary Feazell and Nancy Stewart. With limited showing from the puppy class, Fade has many wins and a Reserve! Watch for her in ’09!

BearPaw Helgeson’s Maximilian
  (Annie X Study)


Max, 9 months


Max standing

Max is owned by James and Joanne Helgeson.

Cygnet BearPaw Lolita Veloce’


Lolee and Dava, finishing Lolee’s Junior Hunter title!
With, as the judges said, “The best line of the day!”

Lolee is now owned by Cherita Sherrill, and flew through her Junior Hunter title! She’s now training for Seniors!

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